Nice to meet you and welcome to my blog!  My hopes are that this site will be a place of convergence of great ideas – both borrowed and organic!  My philosophy: life is about choices.  The ability to make a choice of what we eat, what we wear, where we go, what car we buy, what job we pursue, how to raise our children, etc. is one of the defining traits that make us human.  So the overarching theme to my posts will be this – a happy home.  I choose natural (when I can).  I choose organic and non-gmo (when I can).  I choose to exercise (when I can).  I choose to keep my children engaged (again…when I can!).  But sometimes, life happens.  I over-schedule my family or myself.  I stay too long at the playground.  The car needs an oil change.  I want a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie and some hot cocoa.  I want a big ol’ cup of red vino (or two…).  This blog will be an attempt to organize craft and project ideas for kiddos, healthy yet scrumptious recipes, natural solutions for the body and mind, and sometimes the occasional naughty splurge of a recipe.

Most of my posts will be related to food (or wine), although sometimes I stumble across ideas or activities that I feel are worth sharing.  Regardless of what gets posted, you can definitely assume that I’m writing it with a smile!  And in any event, thank you for visiting!




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